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At Temporary Technology we strive to keep our entire inventory up to date and in “like new” condition. Since the majority of our AV inventory is less than two years old we boast some of the nicest looking equipment in the industry. Our technical managers are always on the lookout for the latest improvements to the “tools of our trade.” Quite often the simple advances in manufacturing and assembly provide the biggest improvements in functionality. Our fast fold screens, for example, have hinges that move from front to back. The competition’s screens hinge from top to bottom. As such, our screens will remain square indefinitely, while the others eventually develop bows at the top and bottom. And since most of our competitors have such a large investment in their “older technology,” they often find it difficult to justify an upgrade to an entire section of their inventory.


At Temporary Technology we strive to keep our PC inventory up to date and in “like new” condition. Our inventory all matches aesthetically. This allows us to provide our clients with very professional looking computer installations, further enhancing their event.

Below you will find images of our most popular computer and office equipment, many of which come with downloadable specification sheets in PDF format.

Technical Services

If you want the security of dependable technology to support your event, it starts with the people behind the gear. And while our sales team will do an excellent job of prescribing the best technology for your event, it is our technical team that will make the gear come alive!

Our technicians are highly trained professionals who not only know how to provide excellent sound and high quality video; they also understand the “corporate culture” of the meeting and event industry.

They are friendly, neatly dressed, well groomed, and well spoken technicians who have given up their pocket protectors for PDAs. Our techs are in the “trenches” week after week and are very good at hitting any curve balls that happen to be thrown at them at the last minute.

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