Camera ManThe job of event planning is difficult enough. There are literally thousands of details that must come together for a successful event. It would be wrong for us in the AV rental and staging industry to expect our clients to piece together the technology they need. It is like a homebuilder asking their customer how many two-by-fours they want in their new home! That is why at Temporary Technology we don’t blast our clients with the typical price and item list (like most others do in our industry).

First we will listen. We would love to have you tell us about your expectations, your organization and your event. Then we will work together to select the right team and “tools” to support your goals. We will explain what equipment and tech team members are necessary verses just a good idea, allowing you to make an informed decision based on “needs vs. wants.”

Price is critical. We realize the “real world” does have budgets. At Temporary Technology we are very competitive; in fact our rates are almost always twenty-percent (or more) lower than the hotel “in-house” AV. Yet we are confident our service will surpass the hotel AV experience. This is because at your hotel event we normally only have one client in the building, you. The hotel AV personnel need to service every meeting taking place in their building as well as being available to the hotel executives with little warning.

But most of all, we understand that if our part fails, the entire event can fail. That pressure is how we make a living. The AV and computer portion of events can often be the cause of nightmares and headaches. We are looking for a few clients that want partners who provide the good night’s sleep and aspirin for the technology portions of their event.

Learn About Our Meeting & Event Planning Support:

  • Touring Events:

    We support small to major events nationwide.

  • Convention / Trade Shows:

    No matter the size or location, we can help you prepare for a successful convention or trade show anywhere in the country.

  • Dinner Meetings:

    We will help insure all participants are able to see and hear the presentation at your venue.