Delphi Kiosk CafeBack in 1986, just two years after graduating from the college of Business at the University of Notre Dame, Kevin Marietta & family purchased a computer rental franchise from PCR Personal Computer Rentals. The company’s mission was to provide businesses in Central Indiana with a high quality source for the short term rental of IBM computer equipment.

During the next 10 years PCR Indianapolis matured into a very successful company. In 1991 the company expanded into the Cincinnati market. Through hard work and providing excellent service, both locations prospered.

In 1998 PCR Corporate consolidated operations and offered some of the former franchisees the option of ending their franchise agreements. The Marietta family accepted the offer and formed Temporary Technology.

For the next few years Temporary Technology operated in much the same way as it did as PCR. However, the drop in the purchase price of computers started to put pressure on the PC rental industry. As a result, longer term rentals became less attractive to customers. Meanwhile demand for computer generated presentation equipment was rapidly increasing.

To better serve the changing needs of its client base, Temporary Technology started to re-invent itself. In 2002 a vision for the future was created and plans for its step by step implementation were made. Over the course of the next several months the company hired many professionals with significant audiovisual industry experience.

Centerplate 035AAs the company grew into a leading contender in the AV rental industry, it began to follow many of its loyal clients around the country. It became clear that a geographic footprint consisting of multiple locations was not as critical in the AV rental industry as it was in the PC rental industry. As a result, the company sold its Indianapolis location in 2006 which enabled the rapid expansion of its audiovisual rental inventory. By 2007 Temporary Technology had become the in-house audio visual rental supplier at the Kentucky International Convention Center and the Kentucky Expo Center.

Naturally many things have changed since the company opened back in 1986. For instance, even though it is still one of the leading computer rental companies in the Midwest, today Temporary Technology’s primary focus is on audiovisual rentals. But one thing has remained consistent since the company first began operations, and that is its commitment to providing clients with good quality equipment and excellent service at a very reasonable price.